Early detection of melanoma and skin cancers saves lives

At MoleMedic we specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers

MoleMedic can provide remote review of skin lesions.  Please use our Contact Us page to request details

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You are examined by a doctor qualified in Dermoscopy, for a more accurate diagnosis

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You can be seen without a referral and if necessary treatment is offered at MoleMedic

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See an experienced Doctor who is qualified in Dermoscopy


Regular skin cancer checks are critical for detecting melanoma early


Melanoma can be successfully treated if found early enough


MoleMedic is an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society

Our Locations - in the Bay of Plenty & Central Otago

Mt Maunganui

Mount Physiotherapy & Pilates

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Fraser Clinic - 64 Fraser Street

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Peter Dysart Orthodontist

03 428 4976


To Launch (if demand arises)

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